Experience a new way to hunt in the real-world for digital items dropped by your favorite brands

Today's virtual scavenger hunt platforms suck.

Current options like PokemonGO don't give good rewards.

No Ownership

You don't own any in-game items, so you can't resell what you worked for.

    Isolated Experience

    In-game items only have value on the platform you find them on.

    Zero Long-Term Value

    When you stop playing the game, your in-game items are worthless.

    So we made it better.

    Let's see how hunting for items on Cache-it gives you more value.

    Step 1: Connect your Wallet

    This is how you can interact with all aspects of the app. You can easily create a wallet with us or connect your own external web3 wallet.

    Step 2: Select a Cache to hunt

    Choose any Cache near you to start the fun. You'll see it on the map, and you're ready to begin the hunt.

    Step 3: Get close to an item

    Using your trusty radar, get within 30 meters of a hidden Cache items to trigger your Augmented Reality (AR) lens. Tap the mystery box to claim the item.

    Step 4: Answer trivia about the brand

    Found an item? Nice! Now you have to complete a trivia about the creator of the Cache to unlock the item. Let's see how well you know your brands!

    Step 5: Redeem your item for a reward

    This is the best part! With your very-own shiny new digital item, you can claim real rewards. You can redeem it for a ticket to a game, discount in a store, or exclusive access to content.


    This is a new, unfamiliar experience. We have answers to your questions below.


    We are excited to share our vision for the future. Here is our plan for the next few years.



    Launch of MVP on Goerli Testnet with basic functionalities


    Allow users to redeem found items for real digital rewards (gift cards)


    Partnership with brands/influencers/events to drop Cache with exclusive rewards


    Improvement of AR tech stack with Niantic 8th Wall



    Introduction of new social features such as proof-of-location for DAOs and friend circles


    Expansion into decntralized gaming. MVP of videogame that only uses assets found on Cache-it


    New native token ($GEO) to represent exchange of items found on Cache-it


    Expansion into new verticals such as gaming and e-commerce

    Our Team

    We are two Web3 enthusiasts with an itch to build new experiences for people. We switch hats as the developers/marketers/founders of this project.

    Trey Rudolph


    Henry Borska


    Contact us

    Feature requests? Want to join the team? Let us know anything!